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Space Kelpie

The vision and philosophy

As we are faced with the impossible Space Kelpie asks us to become an artist, a maker, a fool and act upon our imaginings in mind of the evolution of all.


The possibilities of Space Kelpie are endless; producing creations from organic tees, superior hemp work-shirts, wearable magic to local discussion groups where individuals explore a depth of communication missing in our short attention span culture and blog posts diving deep into the nature of society, story and the human.


Space Kelpie’s vision is an integrated environment where humans are in deep relationship with all living beings and nature itself. This is a time where each individual listens to and follows their inherent nature and in doing so are part of a community, an ecosystem, contributing and collaborating with life in all its forms. 


a tree grows 

lives its nature

does its thing

dances with the wind and rain

absorbs the sun

all the while producing oxygen,

homes and sustenance for many creatures and beings


our contribution comes naturally as we simply live our nature


- Space Kelpie

Space Kelpie is a way 

The first contribution is happiness and joy in doing the simple things. 


The second contribution comes naturally as ideas, inspiration and discussion. 


The third contribution is manifesting these ideas into reality through action.






Be the fool

'Space Kelpie' invites us to explore with eyes wide open. Be on the field of life. Experience the visceral, full impact of engaging with life. Go out and find that passion, that genius inside to which the world calls forth.

We each have an integral role in this environment and to find it we must play, explore and create. The ideas we have only hold us back from who we really are. Be the fool and step into the unknown to find your perfect place.



Manifest reality

'Sigil' is bringing the power of intention into the space. We are meaning making machines and the stories we tell ourselves affect every decision we make.

What if we can affect our story with ritual and magic?

'Sigil' is more than just a collection. It is magical wear informed by ritual and the power of intention.

We can change the story to a magical one.



Build your future

Hemp work-shirts

Maker invites you to step into action, get dirty, make waves, stir the pot, plant the seed, build and grow the future possibility you wish to see. 

Bring play, inspiration and powerful intention to your chosen craft. 


My name is Hadley Perkins and Space Kelpie is a creation of mine. I am a concept creator, thinker, writer, artist, explorer, experimenter and all that I am yet to discover.


Playing with ideas for a lot of my life, Space Kelpie is a manifestation in action. 

What you are witnessing is the process of idea to manifested product.

This is an experiment as well as a learning tool in areas of life that into which I havenot yet dived; business, marketing, and sticking to one idea and seeing it through.

I am the fool behind it all and I have come here to learn, play and experiment.

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