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Crystal Hunter

A wintery weekend revisiting my inner child

A sleepy day at home in the wintery dry mountains

up and at em'

eating nuts with super sugary bits

super in the extreme sense

my teeth hurt a bit as the sweetness tests me

Eat a hearty brekky

fairly indiscriminate though quite paleo

paleo bread with eggs

Debate about the days happenings with mum

Jumpers and Jazz or home time

I vote home and that's what we do

I feel kind of guilty because I know it takes me and mum an effort to get out and socialise

We went walking through the bush

catching up on everything

Mum was yawning

'Are you tired?'

'No, I just feel relaxed. Nature has this affect on me.'

I wonder whether we are being re-balanced by the greater nervous system.

Once we hit crystal territory I went into hunting mode and found some lovely crystals

I kept some and left some behind

Mum wandered off into the tea tree maze of wallaby tracks as I fell into my old past time of treasure hunting

Studying the scattered quartz across the ground with a relaxed yet concentrated gaze and a knowing that I will spot some.

I only take what is being delivered by the Earth

Pushed up to the surface by rain, animals, uprooted trees, all washed clean by the melting morning frost

Left sitting upon the shelf of nature's shop

It is so nice to be fully absorbed in a process that only requires the myself and the surrounding environment

Hunting crystals evolved into wandering the dry swamp

I held a big cylindrical crystal in my hand

I stopped to wash it in a cool dark puddle in the swamp

The crystal remained cool in my hand slowly warming up in my soft grip

Winter rests the mind and body

the cold promotes a slow moving

fire seen through the eyes replenish the soul

grass dry and dam's deep and shallow

holes in the Earth start to show themselves

A hopeless worry knocks restlessly upon the doo

I am sleeping


I retreat into my warm cave to rest

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