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Quick flow at the corner kitchen - 17.9.19 - fires burning

Is it smoke or a cloud?

We’ll know if we’re wet or burnt by the end

Painting myself into a corner

Fires burning


Heartfelt echoes calling my name

Fame stretched out in cold desire

Empty and full of insecurities

Full of traumas neglected

Stuck in the story

Not in the mind

Tie it up

Now you cannot feel

No more new stories

Just the same one

Playing over and over again

The pain felt to feel more

Don’t forget the sharp pain that comes first

I have a thirst

To quench a fire

To feel here

The extremes of experience blocked by a hurt child


Baby boy

You are too sensitive

Learn the ways of past knowledge

Don’t show off

You will fail

Best not

First hand experience is too dangerous for the ego

But do what you want and we’ll see how you go





When will you settle down?

Stop fooling around

Ya fool

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