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Shut up and write 19/09/19 - talking to strangers

Talking to strangers



Why not something more inviting?

Talking to humans

A fellow

A potential something

I guess we do

Little ideas of who this strange is slipping into the empty canvas

Painting the picture

Are they my future lover?

Will I see them naked?

Or are they something else?

Lover is almost the first thought I have when meeting a woman within a certain age bracket.


This idea can stick or disappear quite quickly

What is your go to idea of the opposite sex?

What is your go to idea when you meet a stranger?


Perhaps you flood them with your life’s story

Confide in strangers

Maybe you feel or interpret their idea of you and then you play the role you are given?

I can fall into the role projected onto me

Or I can remain a mystery as I shape-shift from one person to the next

In playing the projected role I lose touch with my own inherent character

Who is Hadley?

I learn as I observe myself

Just like shoulder checking before pulling out, there are blindspots

Parts of myself that I don’t know

But you might?

You humans are the ones that watch me more than I watch myself

What can you tell me?


Let’s make friends with embarrassment, with shame

Maybe there is no shame?

Just story?

How can I humiliate myself right here, right now?

This is a scary thought

I could get naked

Then I could do a poo in front of you all

…that would be hectic

The story would echo through time

It’s too much

I’ll turn it down a notch

Maybe I could freestyle for a bit

That’s much less dramatic and crazy

Hello there

Feel free to stare

Or even glare

Might bite

But mostly I chew

On you

I may spew

Day’s spent

Courage went gone

Space no more

Floor gore

Window washer watching all

Is he even here my dear

Well not in the room

Outside, standing with pride

The priest in the confession cell

The wishing well

Puppeteering all

You are small and large

How can I drop the filter

Speak the truth not a filtha

Scat a rat tik tok danger mouse

Forget your spouse there’s more

You’re not a whore

Or maybe you are?


Response ability


Response and ability

The ability to respond

Harnessing the space between and manifesting unicorns

Quantum superposition

The super position

Super human as I stand in possibility

You have that ability

Train it

Welcome yourself to it

Open the door with words

Invoke it

State it

Declare it

Now devise an action, a ritual

Set a point in time and space to launch your new possibility

The action is informed by the possible you

Is this quantum physics of what?!

Blows my mind

We are beginning to know that knowing is a trap we set for ourselves

Gotta love a paradox



What are those?!

My mop is a handy dandy for a dance

Drop to the floor



I forget

Can’t stop now, buzzing wild, staring small

Narrowed down filters filing binary existence

Jokes on you

On me

Its tragic but true

Let go

Be got

Sacrifice the holy cow

The record goes round

Sensual drops

Black liquid reflected as the echo’s ripple out

A wave has begun

Hitting my shores



What’s the difference?


There is heavy in my belly

Mind analysing the scratches

Is it good enough



Maybe I’ll surprise myself

What’s happening around me

White light burning bright


Scratching pens in a cell

Little glass cage


The humans playing games

How cute says the trees as we drop them to their knees

So many thoughts

So little time

I catch myself about to lecture a sermon from the mount of my inflated mind

To my dilapidated body and senses

This is the answer

Now just sit back into your habitual story of reality

How to break free?

Psychedelics maybe

Creativity indeed

Meditation it is agreed

How can it be fun?

Tomorrow I shall write about the march

Open myself up

Time to buy a new record

Been repeating myself

Mine’s been playing up

Need a new track



No map just bush


Well how does the bush feel about that

Think about that

Feel about that

The nervous system we create

The bush sets us straight

Or angled, twisted and unique

Beautiful you are

What is your star sign?

I am actually the space between

Undefined, dark, unknown to me and you

So I just sit back and watch

Wow! Look at me go

The mind in awe of radical intuition

Sits way way back and records the magic

No time for thought

This is beyond the known

No frame of reference

No border at all

I watch myself just as I looked out from my eyes

Stepping further away

I am a baby in awe of everything

Possibilities happening

Then I watch my first children’s TV show and listen to my parents

This is that

That is this

The orange, hard, sweet thing with a green explosion coming forth from it

What is this strange being?

How curious it is

Then whamm!!




Building the illusion brick by brick by introducing the characters of the movie

Lardy daa

Off to work I go because that is the character I play

Driving my car lardy day

Flat tyre

Whaat?! Motherfucker this isn’t part of the script

Something’s wrong

Its your fault stranger

Being all strange and other

You came into my movie and you fucked it up