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Shut up and write - 5.9.19 - life is fast and full right now

Updated: Sep 28, 2019

Life is fast and full right now with quite a lot going on.

I like it

I feel stimulated and alive

So many conversations

Eyes struggling to stay open

Want to say more…


Time’s friend


Slow loans equipped

Fast faced

Joints soaked in an acronym

Names bound broken S and M

That reminds me of your mum

She’s lovely


She calls me a mystery

Or is that the librarian?

Anyway I shaved my armpits

Can I have a reward?

Why not?

This is fucked

Reminds me of the world

This thin veil is getting thicker

I seem to be getting paranoid

Polaroids online

You’ll be fine

You’ll escape with your life

Might have to lose your face

Don’t worry you can just wear a mask

Its a mask anyway

Why not?

Why can’t I say what I want?

Broken verbs and nouns

Sticks and stones are way too scary for this day and age

Laws are written against them

(how else are we going to control women - added this as I was typing, seemed appropriate and rhymed)

Laws written with words


Are we heading up the triangle or down?

Which way is the triangle facing?

Both ways?


Squeeze until we explode

Or slowly expand out

Both are explosions with different time signatures

The left path or the right

Up and down

Want to go up?

That's the left hand path

The devil’s path

But that’s ok the devil is simply just one side of the spectrum of fully realised beings


Not disassociated

That’s the full matrix

That’s the full delusion


We don’t know that all too well

Lost in the world of the mind with no bodily anchor to hold present reality





We are one complex antenna

Consuming and transforming frequency


OOOoooo I feel a little irritated with the noisy kids next door

Breath into it

Forgive them for they know not what they do

Society forgot this one


Fresh biscuits for the heart

Awww yeah that sweet love can be felt from a far

Even from the past and the future

What are these kids on?

I could throttle them

Mmm basking in such an indulgence

The pull to the left hand path

Yet attachment to morality would haunt my thoughts and probably my physical existence

Locked in a cell

Made into a numb man

already am one

Such a lovely simple life

Sitting in a cell

Working out with the boys

Gossiping with the kitchen staff and the guards

Who stabbed who with a penis or a pen

Its a fine line

Pleasure in both

Finally I found a community

I found it here in prison

But now I have to leave

Leave my friends behind

Naturally I want to return

The force is strong

But I carry on

Space thong

Singing, spinning, mixing with a minx

The sphinx stinks and your historical story is wrong

Don’t look so sad white man

Fat in a white suit

Your story sucks

Its boring as fuck so step aside let the young blood in

Flooding chaos

That what happens when you damn the flow

Damned the generations to come

Lusting for love at the extreme ends of the poles

Shadow masculinity fighting wars

Shadow femininity apathetic about it all

Too much to feel for us all

So share

Share with me

How tall are you?

Wow, now I have your number

I know who you are

Wanta spar

I’ll knock you out with a virtue signal

I am morally superior to you

I have the best identity mask and I fuck on you

Literally let me do it

It would be wild

Let do it!

Let me fucking do it!

Why? Why?


Crazy mthrfckr

Who is this fool learning fast yet falling hard

Slapped back and forth

That’s what happens when the spring loaded whack is never released just pulled further back by parents who want to be your friends

Just love me

Even if you think I hate you

Even if I do hate you


Crazy kids having such holistic fun

Hearts on sleeves

Mine is tucked up my sleeve and its lost in the laundry pile

Or maybe I left it in the machine

Bouncing about getting clean

Empty I wait but the cycle never stops

So I go to work instead