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Stream of Unconsciousness

Writing to see what there is to see...

Closing loops

I start with something far off

seemingly seperate

My 'self',


always in relationship with a deep wisdom

my consciousness glimpses

my ego attaches

What to do today?

An almighty question

that can leave me bedridden

A thoughtless mind gets up to see what the day has served before them


yet ignored

the mind hums on

Externalise the mind through a constant stream of information flowing forth from a colourful screen.

I tap into words

a deep pool of absurd wonder

to see what meaning can be made

for it is the meaning I make that must be placed under the microscope for close inspection

it tells a tale

shows the tint of the window from where my perspective looks

many layers of colours

masks of madness

but are we all mad when madness is the mainstream?

My fears of madness subdued by the systemic delusion


pasting parts of the past over my only window

NCP's playing roles with nobody home

talk of being woke blinds us with yet another identity to attach our ego

funny static intelligence realising its been playing LEGO past its used by date

time brought into question as waves break over and over the shoreline

Stake in the meat is only a splinter in the finger

fucked forever as the buddhist speaks

life is suffering therefore today is awesome

Watch the pain like a movie coz the Trevali don't feel it or fear it

they just swim in the emotional flow of it all

chasing hot and cold

gravity pulls them back into their world as we sink down beneath it all

cannot escape the emotions with conceptual drawl

the mind rattles on

Are you still talking?

What is it you are saying?

The mind continues to play trivial pursuit as the heart bursts in frustration of communication

I love you

you can feel it if you just simply



with your whole body

with all your senses

it doesn't make sense

so don't even try

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