the human group - session 16 - 2020 vision and the drunk symposium

The past is just as conceptual as the future.

We use reasoning and logic to avoid the mistakes of the past but in doing so continually narrow our scope of possibility. Everything is becoming impossible.

Our story is old and broken and full of fear. why stick to this dead and fictional tale when we can inform our present with a new imagining anchored in a possible future drawing us closer and closer with each choice made from the reasoning of a future vision.

This was the last human group for the decade, so we cracked a few tinnies and got to woerk on our minnie visions of the future.

We did a short visualisation exercise with one lucky member who created the possibility of a future community. Then we each described our future selves and how they are seen by the community that surrounds them.

To check out, we closed our eyes and imagined returning to the human group a year from now, happy with the lives we created we described the future day before we dived into another future human group.

Love you all and see you in the beautiful future. x

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