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the human group - session 17 - the way of action

How do we Act?

In the aftermath of the tragic fires, how can we stimulate action individually and within our community?

The discussion started off with each human sharing a moment in which they acted that day. From choosing to take the electric scooter, not going for a surf but instead burying a wildlife rescue animal that had perished, to meditating that morning.

What inspires us to act?

Fear was brought into the conversation as an effective tool to stimulate action and in its excess can overwhelm and render a human disempowered and apathetic.

Creating a space in which inspires humans to step into their power and act from their own volition has a totally different effect to motivation through fear.

The group marinated in the issue of the government’s inaction and the catastrophe of the fires when one human spoke up in an overtly direct manner.

‘You are all just complacent lazy millennials.’

This triggered a good number of the group and inspired an instantaneous curiosity and defensive offence. Why? What should we be doing?

‘Kick out the current government. Lobby your politicians, send letters, call them up!’

This was met with a level of apathy bringing to question; what change is a replacement of government going to create?

The systemic issues perpetuate the disconnect and devaluing of the environment and nature itself. Is it possible to create the change we need within the current political and economic system we currently have or do we need to start creating a new system?

Both propositions are overwhelming in their complexity and this further led the group to dwelling on the issues and challenges until the same baby boomer human put the group to task.

‘So much focus on the issue. What about the positive vision of the future?’

Shifting our focus we then shared the visions of the future we wish to see. A future of community, connection, and decentralised power. How do we bring this vision to the forefront of our decision making processes?

How do we feed the positive vision over the negative without becoming complacent and ignorant of the issues at hand?

In observation of the group I could see the mental habit slide out of possibility and into the issue, which proceeded to grow in size and complexity as the conversation continued until the issue was so great that we rendered ourselves apathetic and disempowered.

What structure can be put in place to lead out us out of feeding the doom and gloom?

One human mentioned the role of spirituality and a meta-story. The internal structures of belief can facilitate a positive vision that activate consistent action within possibility.

Can a vision of the future inform and create an internal structure that facilitates the path of least resistance to the light at the end of tunnel?

How do we keep on track?

Compassion and empathy were brought forth all through out the discussion as a positive ever present stimulus to care for the environment and the beings that inhabit it.

Practicing connection with those around us, understanding the differences of another, commitment and listening with curiosity builds our embodied understanding of one another and the environment.

Can compassion and empathy be so strong as to intercept us buying plastics or thinking ill of another?

Compassion and empathy require a stimulating vision that can feed positive action and awareness to the effects.

Self-compassion seems to be another key to understanding the shadow workings of another. As we learn to accept our total selves perhaps we can understand the unfortunate actions of another?

Action starts from the tiniest centre within us, stimulated by the world around us, we seek to understand the evils within to build compassion, empathy and love for the evils outside, this compassion brings us to connection, community and collaboration.

An action we can take is to connect with ourselves, connect with each other, create a vision, and watch as the allowance of differences generates a diverse and active ecosystem, as we become aligned with nature as nature once again.

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