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the human group - session 18 - compassionate integrity

What is integrity?

- being whole and complete

internal consistencyThe quality of being honest and having strong moral principlesOrigins come from integer - intactConnected to integrate (3)

What is compassion?

sympathetic to the suffering of othersFrom the latin compati - to suffer with. (4)

What is compassionate integrity?

‘compassionate integrity: the ability to live one’s life in accordance with one’s values with a recognition of common humanity, our basic orientation to kindness, and reciprocity.’ (5)

We checked in with each person as to what integrity is for them. There was keeping your word, a person of integrity seeking their truth within a strong moral compass, being untouchable in vulnerability and transparency; no skeletons in the closet to bring them down, reliable, whole and complete, a pillar of society.

Being our truth, standing up even in the fear of disarming others, being a tall poppy and not folding under the pressures of influence and a depressing self preserving normality.

Those pioneers who go beyond the surface tension of the consensus if their integrity is maintained act as an anchor, pulling everyone forward in their development, along with society and the world at large.

‘Be the change you wish to see.’ - Ghandi Ji (2)

One human felt more at ease to raise the other that he saw as someone with integrity. That being the change you wish to see is an individually focused endeavour and therefore selfish. The subjective nature of our own experience of life can not be ignored therefore every decision comes from a selfish motive. Either protecting ourselves from being big and bold, standing out from the crowd or making changes that are ultimately only for individual gain.

Cannot both be attained and perhaps the resistant thoughts to any which way is the ultimate instigator of harm.

The group ran across the idea of integrity without compassion being like the policy towards refugees by the Australian government. Their values being representative of protection and safety, all values motivated by fear and at the expense of those that do not sit within the tribe. Compassionate empathy brings forth a dynamic value system that brings an awareness to what is best for the collective humanity and environment.

The values for compassionate integrity move us closer to a more religious, meta narrative in how we relate to life around us.

Miguel Ruiz ‘Four Agreements’ came to mind (1):

1. Be impeccable with your word.

2. Do not make assumptions.

3. Do not take things personally.

4. Always do your best.

These values seem to maintain a responsible integrity in mind of the evolution of others and reminds me of Gandhi’s four pillars (2):

1. Self-Rule

2. Self-Place

3. The Evolution of All

4. Insistence upon the Truth

The top agreements come from an interpretation of shamanic principles of being in Central America. Gandhi’s come from his own contextual development and peaceful warrior martyrdom. Gandhi intentionally attempted to set aside his philosophy from ever becoming a religion as the principles, words and understanding can be manipulated over the course of time. Things need to be allowed to be dynamic and ever-changing otherwise they become cancerous upon life itself.

We spoke of two levels of belief systems; the primary being aligned with your highest good and the secondary being built through the eyes of others and as a protection mechanism of some kind. This suppression of becoming a tall poppy due to the fear of being pulled back into the pot of boiling water produces an internal illness potentially greater than the damage done from the slings and arrows received when you grow out above the rest.

The depression of power within, can lead to mental illness, starting with depression itself. The clues are all there. The definition of depression is to push down or to hold back and this definition beckons the question; where does this energy or person want to go? Perhaps towards their primary belief system, the golden shadow that we avoid like the plague. Perhaps the depressed people are, if supported, the pioneers towards the change we all wish to see and become.

After this discussion we all decided to create a bikie gang called the ‘tall poppies’ and step into our power with the integrity to hold our ground until others grow up to meet us.

We checked out with the question; ‘Who are you in the future if you have become your highest possible integrity?

Generosity, leadership, the ability to sit within the chaos of nature, loving with an over flowing cup, filling others in a surrendered love and acceptance, knowing that all that is given returns ten fold in ways we cannot expect, being a pioneer in business whilst nurturing a community into natural supportive balance, being an elder, being someone who uplifts those that need to be heard, a pillar of society, beaming with love, deeply relaxed in the body and wisdom of the heart, speaking unwavering truth whilst sitting in the discomfort of ambiguity and the unknown, listening to sensation as a wisdom that does not need any fixing, mediating disputes in a way in which both parties leave empowered and loved by their community, accepting everyone and looking at all as a loving parent looks at their baby, with pure belief in their potential, feeling deeply and compassionately whilst holding and feeding a positive vision of the future that includes everything, someone who can confront their mistakes in front of an audience that thinks the world of them, to be as human as possible, loving every fall taken and every fall their fellow human takes, taking on teaching the younger generations with a respect and listening for the wisdom that they spout, knowing that they hold a mystery that may not be understood unto death, therefore responsibility simply has to be gifted with a heart full of trust and love, someone who remains still and true as the worlds busily crashes around them, someone who is always at their edge, testing themselves and pushing into sacrifice of who they think they are with every opportunity given, making friends with fear so that fear is no longer reacted to, building community by bringing an abundance of services and opportunities to the feasting table. This is the vision of my highest integrity and this is me.

Stay tuned next week for a human group centred around the approach we have towards the stranger, the refugee and the shadow.

Love you all x


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