the human group - session 24 - intuitive chaos

We had a slightly different demographic this week. Firstly we had more women than men and secondly we had an older demographic than our average with a lady humanoid in her late eighties.

Starting with the check in; what is emerging for us all? I sort to address the mind; our ideas, stories and narratives that we attach our sensations. After everyone gave voice to the mind we did a short drop in meditation in which we brought our focus to the sensations of the body with a keen focus upon the arising emotion sitting alongside the sensation.

Intuition; the ability to understand something outside of reasoning, ideas and facts. Utilising a holistic sense coming from our feelings, instincts and other unknown qualitative signals. There is an ever present mystery to how intuition arises and what it actually is. As we are most often in our heads I used the check in and meditation to spread our awareness across our different conscious attributes to provide us with an intuitive state as we entered into conversation.

The conversation did not take long before it shot off into the realms of intuition and how we create space for intuition to flow freely into our lives.

In an age of instant gratification for our busy short fused minds there are not too many spaces in the day or evening for a moment of nothingness. A human mentioned that when confronted with a big decision she strips it back to doing nothing to see what arises and needs her attention.

This brought up an opposing idea saying that action needs to happen. He went on to say that a vision is required otherwise intuition does not serve us.

In discussion, we discovered it was not in doing or in not doing, it was an awareness. An awareness as we act in the world and perhaps the stationary awareness most popularly described as meditation provides us the with intuitive tools as we then go out into the world and act.

Acting on an intuitive decision casts us out into the unknown and it can be extremely scary and exciting. This whimsical decision can also put us in a state of heightened awareness as we may not know what to expect, therefore we expect everything and take in a lot more. Like a child or a fool, eyes wide and open, taking in the world for the very first time, the matrix of habitual ideas falls away in the presence of the unknown.

This planned approach can do the opposite to our awareness. Knowing every step of the way may render us blind to all that is unexpected along the way. The unexpected is also an inconvenience and not part of the plan as we focus upon the destination rather than the present. This paints the picture of an irritable man rushing about ignoring the beauty of all things. It reminds me of our present state of being and it seems totally ridiculously serious and impatient with life itself.

Perhaps as we ignore one another and drive toward a goal of unsustainable prosperity we have numbed our awareness with well intentioned reason and a mind of static ideas. We need to act on our intuition just to simply put us in a heightened state of awareness, to listen to what needs our attention, to observe where the momentum of nature is and place ourselves in alignment with this present information.

What is your intuition telling you?

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