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the human group - session 25 - invincible vulnerability

'Vulner' - wound

'Vulner-ability' - wound-ability

Unprotected, open to assault or attack... it sounds dire. How can something so obviously dangerous be called to the frontlines right now?

What does this say about our environment?

What does vulnerability mean for us now? Has the context changed and the definition lost its hold?

Are we in truth always vulnerable as we fly through space on the most amazing organic space ship known?

How can one be invincible within their own vulnerable state?

What is the secret to real courage and bravery?

What happens when we are vulnerable and how do we get there?

Check in:

What emerges when contemplating ‘invincible vulnerability’?

Most people separated the two and spoke individually about vulnerability and then invincibility; openness, unprotected, disconnected from the crowd, having no purpose or meaning, physical vulnerability and emotional vulnerability. When connecting invincibility to vulnerability the following ideas emerged; untouchable in our authenticity, transparent with no skeletons in the closet, staying connected and grounded in the body whilst in extreme situations or having an expanded ability to deal with ambiguity and the unknown.

The conversation started off with one human explaining the need for a secure container in order to feel safe before exploring vulnerability. An intimate partnership or a supportive community where trust has been developed to the utmost degree. Which comes first? Vulnerability or security? What does the individual or group have to do in order provide the space for other’s vulnerability to emerge?

What keeps us from being vulnerable?

Safety, trust and support, a reliable container that can hold chaos perhaps?

This brought forth spiritual practices such as vipassana, rites of passage and shamanic rituals in which a state of vulnerability is induced through rigorous meditation, isolation, and external chaos. Training the internal world to be still in the face of uncomfortable thoughts, ambiguity, physical sensations, fear and ultimately the unknown.

When talking about these mediums of training of the internal world a few of the humans felt it was too strong and preferred a softer container of connection and community to allow for vulnerability to emerge.

I could not help but see how the rigorous physical vulnerability was creating the humans capable of holding others in a more internally emergent form of vulnerability. Almost as if it is the second stage. The container can be understood as a masculine capacity at its highest integrity, to then serve the feminine by providing a stable space for vulnerability.

Vipassana - enforces a way of being with no engagement with outside influences, in this state of being, uncomfortable sensations emerge but their is no external agent to blame, therefore we can extend our ability to determine reality from reactive stories and ideas.

Sitting in a state of vulnerability allows us to determine what is real and what is unreal.

So why do we need vulnerability?

One human brought forth the need to strive; a drive to be better that seems to mostly exist in the western world. In less commercially developed nations there is more of an acceptance to simply be.

In exploring where this drive comes from we came up with the idea of connection. The drive is seeking connection, but with what?

I heard another person describe dreams as the evidence in which confirms our soul. Yet we cannot simply connect at will to this dream-world and perhaps this soul-world is the dreamtime spoken about by indigenous Australians. This makes sense in terms of the spiritual practices that strip delusion to reach an expanded state of being or enlightenment.

Is enlightenment having access to the dreamtime and our soul dimension?

There is a magic attained through spending extended periods of time in vulnerability. It matures us through rites of passage and expands our conscious awakening through shamanic exercises, meditation, fasting and extreme survival/near death experiences.

Maybe this is just the first step, the masculine being vulnerable matures his/her skills to be still in the world. This stillness creates the space for the feminine magic to grow and prosper.

Where does the feminine capacity for vulnerability lead us?

Connection, community and nature seem to be clues along the path to discover the expanded awareness of feminine vulnerability. Perhaps it heightens the world of sensation and subtle receptivity so that the dream-world or soul-world expands within and is able to be navigated from a safe space?

The masculine training to be still in the face of the unknown allows the unknown to be explored by the feminine aspects. The masculine bringing an external order for the feminine to feel safe to explore the chaos of the unknown.

Vulnerability is an act of pioneering, of deep search of the unknown, allowing us to drop ideas and stories that get in the way of us receiving reality as it is. Then once reality is able to be received as it is the attributes of presence, attunement, connection and heightened sensations and receptivity that allow us to explore the infinite depths of the now.

The world has been brought to attention over and over again to release the delusions of the mind to spend time in the present and heal the severed connections we have endured through our reactive pursuit of knowledge and the monkey mind. We have failed to use our will to do this and bring forth the feminine values that have been missing. We ignore our environments, the earth, ecosystems and the wisdom of our nature.

Now as chaos has arrived in the form of an invisible pandemic we are being taught by nature to respond to the present moment as the static habitual future has been dashed upon the rocks.

This is a rite of passage for the world to be vulnerable and explore the depths of the present state of being.

And perhaps in our courageous exploration of the present moment we expand past this material existence to understand the invincibility of the ever present soul, whether we exist with a human physical body or as a spiritual entity. Vulnerability is the key to discover our invincibility.

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