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the human group - session 26 - making friends with fear

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, the physical meetups have ceased. This human group discussion was conducted over zoom.

As we are faced with chaos, vulnerability is the reality of being as we are thrust into a training ground, a rite of passage and an opportunity to perfect our ability to remain still as everything rushes around us.

Making friends with fear.

We checked in by tapping into the sensations of the body, followed by asking the group;

What are we missing when using the digital platform rather than in-person?

Warmth, connection, a qualitative aspect of being, engagement, bringing attention to something that has not previous had any acknowledgement or not for quite some time, we are missing each other, touch, presence, connection inducing a flow of expression that happens when we are in physical proximity to one another.

Over time with the online platform we found a level of engagement and flow. In finding this qualitative aspect of being it was precious and difficult to let go of and finish the conversation after the two hours had passed. I personally felt so much love for each member of the conversation.

One human started sharing the fear around creating new friends, this echoed through the group for a moment as I attempted to bring everyone’s attention to what fear is and how it manifests within us.

It proved to be quite difficult to focus the group upon fear itself, as the story, or reasons for the fear seemed to be what dominated the conversation. Reasons seem to justify fear and paint over the reactive state in retrospect.

The magpies picking supermarkets clean of toilet paper came into the conversation with judgement and compassion. It highlighted a primary action for many of us within society, to bring order to chaos by reaching into our hip pockets and buying toilet paper and food. Such actions like this illustrate the already isolated state we live in. Fully aware that others will miss out if we take more than what we need. Has society been brought to such a state as to not need one another?

Why are some chaotically buying and others not at all?

One human (mum), offered the story of a young fella called Will, who went out into the world to seek comfort. He found a job and a place to live and worked hard to have all the things he wanted to have and all the things he wanted to do. But he was dissatisfied, life was dull and repetitive. The comfort of a predictable life can hold us in place and strip us of adaptive tools when facing chaos. Will decided to quit his job and seek experience rather than comfort. He confronted his fear of the unknown and made a quantum leap. Such an experience of willingly stepping into the unknown can develop an internal security and safety that creates an unmoving belief that everything is going to be okay no matter what happens, even when we do not know what’s next.

The magpies stripping the supermarkets are tasting a long awaited chaos, that has not been practiced or developed within them.

What is the process of being able to sit still in the presence of fear and willingly step into it with excitement?

Fear is a signpost for the unknown, an empty space for us to project all our inner monsters and fearful imaginings into. As we are globally catapulted into the unknown we have no choice but to witness the empty space in which our monsters inhabit and see that there is nothing there at all.

What do we do with this empty space we find ourselves within?

Humans are being made redundant left, right and centre and it is said that up to 70% of Australians will lose their jobs. I hear conversations of individuals collaborating on projects they have put off due to comfortable habit. This is not happening within one humans life but many all at once being freed to repaint a life they have dreamt from their comfortably numb existence.

The opportunity is being realised and as the conversation evolved we all discovered that being forced into bed with our fears open us up to an expanded reality in which everything and anything is possible.

The energy shifted into a positive note as one human flowed on with the transformative momentum and asked; ‘what are the changes we are making within this liminal space?’, ‘What are the values that we are being stripped down to recognise?’

Walking the path we wish to walk, planting the seeds we wish to plant, metaphorically but also very literally as multiple members of the conversation shared a common dream of growing their own food, creating community and self-sustainability. Previously we were all confronted with the need for drastic change as we are faced with global warming, yet no action was being made. Being well aware of needing to change has developed our toolbox for a moment such as now as we are gifted with a quantum leap into the unknown enforced by nature itself.

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