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the human group - session 34 - control freaks

Control freaks;

Us, society, government, global corporations and more are caught within an epidemic of control.

The first great plan shifted by a chaotic wind needed to be corrected and managed over and over again to get to the desired goal.

Are we addicts of control? Salivating at the prospects of guaranteeing a safe, secure and comfortable future for ourselves, our businesses and nations.

Do we need to take the foot off the pedal and redirect our strong arm of control towards a stewardship of flow and nature?

What is the balance between control and surrender that will create a beautiful world and a beautiful living?

What is your control freak?

Doing things a certain way, having a certain outcome, perfectionism, fear vs flow, panic, impulsiveness, controlling chaos but chaos is ever-present, restricting behaviours and expression, staying in our comfort zone, controlling an understanding or perspective, time control freak, etc.

We have a reflex to control.

When a problem arises… how do we control it, fix it, fight it, erase it?

All are elements of control and checking what is against what was.

Control comes from the latin words; contra, ‘against, and rotulus, ‘a role’.

So to control is to check against a role, an order of how things are meant to be. Therefore the act of controlling is the act of pulling what is so from a present, fresh and dynamic manifestation into something known, comfortable and from the past.

Is it possible to control and listen to what newness is emerging at the same time?

Therefore when control, or even when the word ‘against’ is used in a sentence is there a listening to the unknown ways of presenting?

When we are at war against drugs, or government, or coronavirus are we actively relating to these parties or do we remain distant and control our idea of the so called enemy or unknown?

In this discussion we discovered there is an optimal amount of control best described with the analogy of balancing on one leg; it is a dialogue of effort between tensioning the muscles and releasing until equilibrium is found.

This equilibrium may be found surfing a wave or riding a horse.

You can’t control the wave but you can control what you are doing on the wave.

Perhaps the problems come when we try control that which is out of our power? Or perhaps when we do not share the control and the domination and repression has equal and opposite force?

Respect is needed in order to dance with opposing/complementary forces.

If we know nothing of the wave, we ignore it as it passes us by, we don’t stare at it in wonder, subconsciously learning with every moment of awe. We can not dance with the wave if we ignore it or paste over its presence with ideas. If the wave remains an idea with no present awareness you are likely to be dumped over and over again.

So as we fight the ‘other’, few set up drama and trauma as we become the horrible ideas we project onto the unexplored other.

It takes effort to learn about our complementary forces. How are we to learn about 5G in order to move with it in a way that benefits our experience of life? Perhaps we need to understand the intricacies of this technology in order to flow with its penetrating radio waves. 5G could be our disciplinary sensei attuning us the vibrations needed to unfold our continual evolution. It is all nature after all, is it not?

Does this make us controlled, or dominated by the over enthusiastic progress junkie’s?

Our desires, fear and emotions make us vulnerable to manipulation and control, but does that mean we drop our worldly lives, let go of our attachments and live an ascetic life? That in itself as a reaction to control is still a symptom of the idea. We cannot escape control, but we can choose to let go and control with awareness to find that equilibrium within our own lives, community and environment.

Throughout this discussion we discovered that control is comparing the present to the past, but using control with awareness and surrender can give us access to flow and equanimity. We also discovered that respecting, and forming a relationship with that in which we think opposes us allows for a dance to then ensue that can be of benefit to all. Our differences, shadows, opponents, opposites are all our teachers broadening our understanding, compassion and empathy for all walks of life.

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