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the human group - session 35 - trust and the camel


  • Traust (Norse origins) - Strong, shelter,

  • tryst - to trust - to strengthen, reinforce,

Mum has often said,

‘Trust in god and tie up your camel.’

What happens if we let the Camel roam free?

Is trust a fool’s game in this time of reason and logic.

Are we addicted to tying up Camels?

With no spiritual authorities representing the faith and vision of the people where has our trust gone?

Into money, facts and ideas?

What does putting trust in a bigger idea of ourselves facilitate within our environment?

Does trust beget trust? Can we wait for the evidence to trust or is it a leap of faith?

What or who do we have faith invested?

I often dream of a world in which I trust that my needs will be met, that I will always have enough, and that nature and my community will support me.

Is this a lofty idea that will be met with critical logic?

Does this critical logic cut us off from the knees?

What brings you trust?

The nature of things,


empathy and compassion,



authenticity and vulnerability,

having solid values,

when someone is in the same space,

change, this too shall pass,

looking at the sky,

giving trust to receive trust,

we trust all the time,

being submerged in water, in nature,



symbolic happenings,

the universe communicating to us,


wonder and awe,


actions aligned with words.

There is no mistake we arrived at magic from the beginnings of trust.

Throughout the check-in there was a pattern as to what brought people trust; change, vulnerability, magic, synchronicity, nature. All of which seem to be out of our control. Beyond what has come before, beyond the known, the ineffable appears to give us trust.


Perhaps trust is induced through wonder of a greater consciousness beyond our own? Leading to speculation as to a greater order of things. A faith that everything is going to work out fine.

Now in this day and age, we have rules, facts, science, regulations, money, technologies, all these conveniences that replace the need for trust. We have system upon system to catch us when we fall and an explanation for almost every phenomena that could inspire wonder and create a fervour of faith. The opportunities for trust have narrowed the more we have ordered our reality and the way we go about life.

We no longer need or rely on our neighbour. We have the fire department and insurance, therefore a relationship does not need to exist at all if we are to save our burning home. Trust does not need to be developed in this current climate…

Who knows their neighbour these days?

Who likes their neighbour these days and who is in some form of conflict with their neighbour?

We do not need each other.

Home is now a place for retreat and maybe a place of trust for we have no reason to rely or trust in the people of our community. It feels unsafe and inauthentic outside of our homes. It feels safe surrounded by well ordered and reliable technologies; money, insurance, passive entertainment, delivery services, computers, the internet, etc. An example of this could be the sigh of relief felt when we were all ordered into lockdown, retreating to the convenience we trust within the walls of our homes.

A wall between us and the chaos of interaction, we just don’t know what will happen outside. We are ill equipped in relating to the unknown and anxiety is endemic to our society all because we have replaced our need for one another through convenient technologies.

The impact of not developing trust amongst the community has created viral fear, anxiety and a scarcity mentality that leads to further mistrust of one another, and a segregation of perspectives and differences. This has created a disempowered society of apathy and extremism and no skills to understand and listen to one another.

This will not do.

We are on a trajectory of separateness.

How do we flip this situation on its head?

The distance created by this separateness is creating an awareness of the changes we wish to see.

There is a quality that is beyond measurement that is taken away from our lives when we introduce technologies that replace the need for relationship and connection. In our abundance of order and convenience we live in scarcity. Internally we are barren wastelands longing for qualitative elements that only come from connection and relationship. Elements of love, belonging, acknowledgement, purpose and meaning. We wait too long to figure it out ourselves or wait for satisfying acknowledgement to present itself through technology and social networks but it is all in vain. We need to create meaning and purpose through relationship.

We need each other.

The quantitative elements are only the incentive for the qualitative abundance that comes from nurturing community and relationship. With qualitative abundance, quantitative abundance springs forth for there is no cheques and balances sheet of the heart and soul, just overflowing fruits of love.

This is the same in regards to our relationship with the environment. We are starting to see the connections we have lost and the priceless contributions they make to our lives. When we contribute to our environment, we feed and water, nurture, listen and learn then the garden bares fruits that sustain life. The loop is closed and our lesson of pursuing knowledge, the masculine, the quantitative has delivered the wisdom needed to make our next step. Our quantum leap of faith into surrender, nature, vulnerability, the heart, love, the feminine and trust.

The more order the more mistrust.

The more chaos the more trust.

Order externally = chaos internally.

Chaos externally = order internally.

Perhaps there is balance to be discovered internally and externally?

Practices of trust

A moment of magic

Respecting differences, listening

Present Awareness

Meditation, art, creating,

Being open to the magic of what it could be

Magic, letting go of fear

Aligning with nature, recognising the alignment

Activating wonder

Trust is how we equip ourselves when facing the unknown, activating a listening, an awareness to experience the unexperienced. We need to practice trust more than ever right now as we are faced with crisis upon crisis. This is an exciting time to be alive.

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