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The human group - session 41 - the heart

Submerged by information, disinformation, personal narrative, tradition and static perceptions of reality as we are confronted with uncertainty.

Are we deceiving ourselves with what we think we know?

Has all we know left us shipwrecked upon new lands?

Is it time for the mind to take the backseat and allow the heart to lead us?

Many spiritual teachers across the years leading to this time have spoken of the heart.

‘Follow your heart’

What does this mean and how do we tap into this well of wisdom sprung forth from the present moment?

Numbed by my mind’s dominance, my heart is but a murmur in a moment of quietness and a wave in a moment of surprise.

How can we train our listening of the heart?

At this moment in time our knowledge serves us with less reliability.

Are we being called to listen to the wisdom of the heart to create new paths of knowing?

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Last night was the first human group in 5 weeks and it was such a pleasure to explore the topic of the heart. We started off with a meditation focusing on the heart space at the centre of our chests. The check in following we each descried what we had felt, seen or experienced as well as answer the following question; how do you follow your heart?

Emanating warmth,

bigger then my body,

flowing up to my neck in which it feels blocked,

a dark room with a growing warm light.

Not everyone found it easy to tune into their hearts. Some said the mind was distracted, another said that felt nothing until people started talking.

How do you follow your heart?


first impulse,

the unreasonable choice,

no reasons at all.

One human said that they have an impulsive knowing coming forth from the heart and then they attempt to rationalise this choice. Another member said that the heart always seems to persist through a rational bombardment. yet, sometimes the mind’s justification muddies the clarity of the heart and the choice is paralysed.

What happens to the heart when we ignore it and follow the mind’s rationale?

The pace of life has drawn us out of our hearts - El

It was said that our over emphasis on the external and the ever-growing pace of life and its habits has been steering us. Along with our goal and expectations of how life should be.

What is the cost of living a life directed by the mind’s expectations?

Ram Dass said in his book, Grist for Mill, that in pursuit of becoming someone you become no-one and in the pursuit of becoming no one you become someone. It seems that we are submerged in a static formulaic belief of the world that if do ‘a’ we will receive ‘b’. This repetitive mono-culturing of humans and society has created a very convenient categorical stew that makes every accountant and robot feel at home and every human with a unique essence empty, unwelcome, unnecessary and unsatisfied.

The ignoring of our hearts has lead to a great disaster upon the diversity and relevance upon the Earth from which life flourishes. Empty with our expected and desired masks of the past we feed with insatiable hunger upon anything that shows an inkling of unique relevance, vitality or life. We feast with an oppressive projected anger or a longing in which holds others so high that the height in which we push can corrupt the integrity and the heart.

In following the mind’s expectations and goals we have become vampires empty of life and trapped in an insatiable hunger that feeds upon the life that still remains. In picking the forest clean we have created a global crisis; climate change and the most recent and persisting pandemic.

What environmental element activates the heart?

When we find ourselves at the edge of the known involuntarily via an unprecedented crisis or challenge our knowledge serves us shakily and can even perpetuate the same chaos. The only compass that points us into the new unknown way of being is our heart and earth, nature and our fellow beings are the collaborators and teachers.

What does it take to follow the heart?

It takes courage, trust and an incorruptible faith that where we are heading is where we are meant to be. The dismantling of meta story coming forth mostly from religion and myth has served as a visionary tool to hold faith and trust in the unknown. What if Jesus was teaching us not of religion or any doctrine but to simply follow the warm emanations of the heart.

What is the role of the mind when following the heart?

Just as the disciples wrote the stories of the bible perhaps we each need to create our own visions supported and written from the heart. Leaving the path unknown we must learn to keep the heart in the forefront of our attention so that we don’t attach ourselves to the visions of the mind.

Perhaps the mind is simply the witness or the antenna to record and transmit to other people across the globe of this new way of being. Just as Rupert Scheldrake’s morphic theory illustrates with the Sunday crossword. The crossword is hard on Sunday but as individuals solve it through the day it is proven to be a lot easier on the Monday following.

Jesus followed his path and through out the bible spoke of himself as being the way. This was quite possibly was attempting to direct our attention to ourselves rather than Jesus’ specific path.

We fed upon the vitality, relevance and life of Jesus, holding him so high that the institutions that receive that power have become corrupted.

I wonder if we seek the life that emanates from within and facilitate this focus or unlocking of others through love, compassion and empathy perhaps we will proliferate life, decentralise power and control and become the individuals, the communities, ecosystem and planet we are destined to be.

Following your mind you become nobody, soul-less, a vampire and following your heart you become somebody, integral to the relevance of nature surrounding us.

However the mind maybe be capable of evil and may have even created it in the first place it must have a complimentary partnership with the heart

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