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The human group - session 42 - the domesticated human

In this session we will explore the impact of the story of progress, government and control.

Have we been domesticated?

In Tyson Yunkaporta’s book ‘sand talk’ he brings forth the indigenous perspective to the western story of progress. He talks of nation’s gaining power by controlling it’s citizens to then use for war and conquering.

Have we been tamed by control, fenced in by a perfected governing strategy that gave nations powerful armies made up of domesticated people?

If so, how have we been domesticated; education, the monetary system, scarcity, fear?

What is the difference between a tame animal and a wild one?

What does the wild and free human look like? A savage; from the stories we are told of humans before western civilisation or a collaborator with nature?

The story of history continues to change and shapes the steps we take into the future.

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This discussion was a little difficult to set as the premise came from a different perspective to the mainstream understanding of the western story of progress. Instead of a story of advancement through technology and discovery it is a story of the perfection of control. Starting in Europe with the Prussian’s having the biggest army due to its ability to send its own subjects to war. This method of control through aggression and threat evolved to control through a monetary system, education and the court of law. I asked the group what they think about this opinion.

Are you free?

Most of the group said they do not feel free or are in a constant battle with the influences of how to live. However, the more we explored, it seemed evident that we are the captains of our own ship and have the capacity to create a positive meaning as to all happenings in life and perhaps as the restrictions of government, covid-19, the economy, etc close in we are given the opportunity to find the freedom from within and regain our internal locus of control.

‘Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms—to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.’ - Viktor Frankl.

One member said that perhaps only once we have found that inner strength we can then think for ourselves and vote in the leaders that best represent our collective needs. We seem to be going through a shamanic rite of passage in which we learn to turn inward to find our freedom.

Where do we draw the line?

Does there need to be a line drawn at all? Are the powers that be losing their power naturally the more they push us to become captains of our souls and does push back, rebellion and conflict traumatise this evolution or start another cycle of oppression?

Historically we can see that violent revolutionaries with great intentions have soon become the oppressors. Violence and control in order to change the system begets a violent and controlling system. Therefore if we wish to create any change at all we must do it with the change we wish to see and with the reactionary, polarised environment on display in the west, internal control would be of huge benefit even to simply listen to one another and move forward collaboratively instead of dominating the other.

Perhaps the earth is shaping us, not government, or the conspiratorial shadowy figures, but the Earth, teaching us to listen to ourselves and honour and support life no matter how it manifests.

What will we find when we are forced to change ourselves in order to find freedom within domestication?

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