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the human group - session 44 - what holds you back?

The human group - session 44 - what holds you back?

Are your limits the limits of others?

Are you trying to look good and is this driving your entire existence in this world?

Who are you doing this for?

Last week we discussed ‘Form identity’ and how these labels we place upon ourselves can tie us to a frame of being and being seen. The facts of our identity are inherently tied to the past and as we pursue becoming an identity we become identical in a time when the world, society and the individual need a new path.

And what of our essence and heart? This relevant part of ourselves that has not existed in the world yet and does not fit into any pre-existing frameworks. What is our inherent nature, path or dharma?

How do we access our genius?

Where and when do you notice your passion emerge, your voice grow large and energy flow through your body? What scares you? Is it following a simple joy, quitting your job, going against the mainstream, looking bad, failing, succeeding, etc.

If we wish to see that change in the world we must find the courage to step through the barriers that hold us back?

Come and utilise collective intelligence to dispel what holds you back!

#unleash #self-rule #essenceidentity #integraldiscussion #collectiveintelligence #whatholdsyouback #unlockyourgenius

This week again we had two different sessions; online and in-person.

We started off with a check in that would induce or bring to the forefront of our consciousness what holds us back. We had to freestyle, flow, speak fast enough to bypass the mind and this was centred on two questions; what are you feeling in your body, and when do you notice your passion?

Most of the participants struggled to move outside of linear sense making. Most of what was being said had already been thought upon before expressing, the entry point to the thought or expression. There was umming and aaahhing, pauses, looking upwards, looking everywhere for the words, we all had a desire to make sure it all made sense and served us and the group in a favourable way.

I asked everyone to embrace the fool and be abstract to see where a different point of entry will take you. If you run out of things to say, just start saying singular words, rhymes or association.

Some participants discovered a poetic way of navigating the question which seemed to create a fluidity around their expression and also left the group with beautiful imagery and essence.

My experience of it was one of being caught in a linear way of thinking and then intentionally throwing in a random word and it would take me to what seemed to be an abstract disconnected collection of words guided by chaos. Insightful meaning could be extracted in retrospect and throughout the process, leaving me a student of the words coming forth from my mouth.

Each person who did not ‘hold back’ were able to access this state of flowing creativity. Is it possible to be in this state of flow in everyday life? What does it look like and what is holding us back?

A participant originally from Iran said that Australian culture seems to suppress its passion and excitement, while in Iran everyone eats, speaks, and lives with passion. Why do we hold back our passion and excitement? What cultures hold the missing pieces of our total selves?

I spoke of the word ‘depression’ as the mental illness but also as a verb; to push down or hold back. This denotes an energy that wishes to spring forth, is this our nature, our passion, our joy being held back and smouldering into mental dis-ease? Is Australia’s dry culture causing mental illness? What is holding us back?

Expectations, looking bad, standing out, tall poppy syndrome, fear of failure, belonging, rejection, abandonment, etc. Perhaps it is all that we know that holds us back; what is possible and impossible, who we think we are, what others think of us, knowledge, science, our history, stories, all convincing us to avoid certain outcomes that are undesirable and uncomfortable.

Are we holding ourselves back from all that we are yet to discover?

Taking a risk, doing something different to what we would normally do, being weird and abstract, freestyle life, all in relation to everything that is occurring in the present rather than all that we “know” from the past.

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