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the human group - session 51 - collective discussion

We had two fragmented yet interesting discussions this week. Each session was delayed with humans turning up late. There was vulnerability and emotion in the atmosphere in both conversations, telling of the universal climate we happen to be in at the present moment.

What brought you to the human group?

There were a range of answers, from seeking depth in discussion, to really nutting things out and finding a harmonious balance, others it was to connect with a group of broader diversity compared to their usual corner, some humans assumed it as a philosophy group, and some were anxious attending as they did not know what to expect.

What is the human group?

The human group was set up as an antidote to polarisation. A space in which we activate our curiousity to integrate the other’s perspectives rather than reject or dominate them. Creating a forgiving environment so that we can refine the signal, trim the bullshit and move forward collaborating with authenticity. As the human group has evolved it has been discovered to be much more than that. It is mind yoga in which we exercise new neural pathways, a men’s and women’s group and also a new school without hierarchy and an understanding that all the knowledge we need is accessible within us. With questions, different dynamics, creativity and expression we seek the real time channeling flow in which we learn from ourselves and others as witnesses, students, teachers, facilitators and fellow equal humans.

Why does this exist?

With our dash towards convenience and technology it is only in retrospect that we see all the natural, therapeutic and life bringing processes that we have undermined, forgotten and left behind. We no longer need to create relationship, even to the extent in which relationship is an inconvenience. Our neighbours are irritants, we don’t know anyone who lives along our street, we have screens to entertain us and money to trust.

Something as simple as driving to work separates us from interacting with our environment and the beings within it. If I walk to work I move at the pace of interaction and engagement, waving, maybe even stopping for a chat. A connection is possible.

We have compartmentalised life and it has sped everything up because we seem to do everything in a one dimensional linear way. When walking has a multitude of complexities acting out all at the same time; exercise, expression, interaction, opportunity, brainstorming and possibility. Not to mention all that we are yet to comprehend and understand.

Back in the day when we sat around the fire, or the dinner table, or lingered on a park bench for the day, talking and observing, waiting for everything, what did we talk about? Did we talk about our feelings, our controversial opinions, and our intimate fears or did we simply just connect by talking about the environment, the weather, the harvest and seasons? Perhaps we were more accepting of things as they were, maybe we did not know of the multitude of choice and possibility available to us. The world was small.

The world is large now and we are aware that we can choose our own pathways. In this great experiment of choice we have tried to simplify life by compartmentalisation, to then construct the perfect life. Sadly like most things preconceived and convenient it has become one dimensional and unhealthy as the fullness of our being is not totally addressed or satisfied.

Now to make our way forward to an old multidimensional way of doing things we can use the power of intention and will that has been so perfectly shaped by the bombarding of unhealthy food, technology, expectations and lifestyles. We have learnt to a certain degree how to keep our ever flowing impulsivity in check. Not only do we need the power of will to simply participate in collective discussion but we can make it a totally new exercise by furthering the exploration with intentional deepening.

The human group is an ancient future school bringing forward the infinite satisfaction and firsthand learning through experience and simplicity.

Exploring our human technologies free from a syllabus, hierarchy or certificate at the end. It is a non linear process exercising our multidimensional ways of being that further expand our own infinite capacity, strengthen our individual meaning making and open us to the possibilities of being.

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