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The Human Group - Triggers and what is it to be equal?

'Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.' - Viktor Frankl

Last week in the Human group we explored 'triggers' and 'what is it to be equal?'.

I chose these topics in order, to set the intention of the group and grow our freedom between stimulus and response.

The following are dot points of what we covered in the discussion.

- We spoke about the anxiety produced when taking the full responsibility of a decision even when choosing products at the supermarket.

- The hype of Jordan Peterson and what is missing outside of cleaning our room. Distinguishing the different elements that lead to the Peterson explosion; The volatile topic of gender identity and freedom of speech.

Why Jordan Peterson appeals to young men? Creating meaning through responsibility. Constructive complements that provide continual purpose and inject a future vision and goal . 'With great power comes great responsibility.' - Voltaire.

Flipped on its head, 'with great responsibility comes great power.' - human

- The continual existence of polarities no matter how hard we fight to extinguish one or the other. Understanding the complementary nature of polarities. One does not exist without the other; Man and Woman, Apathy and extremism, good and bad, etc.

- The shadow side of masculinity and Femininity - violence, rage and extremism versus apathy, hopelessness and staying silent.

- The different factions of feminism - Liberal and extremist. Measuring success within a damaging economic value system.

We finished with the question; 'What is the feminine and how can we include the attributes missing from our current imbalanced value system?' and magic.

This week the topics follow on from the discussion.

'Magic and the Feminine.'

Come and join in

Links to dive deeper:


- 'Man's search for meaning.' - Viktor Frankl -

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